Wahala:Woman accidentally k!ll her husband with her [email protected] bvtt0cks (See Details)

A Russian woman has been charged to court for allegedly k!ll!ng her husband by suffocating him with her bvtt0cks.

Tatyana O was charged with murder after she reportedly sat on her husband, Aidar during a row and refused to let go of him until he “begged forgiveness”.

The man’s daughter saw her father pinned face down on the bed and ran to seek help from neighbours in Novokuznetsk, Russia, according to evidence in the case.

According to the story and investigative report, a female neighbour’s came in but decided this was a domestic dispute which the couple would solve.

Also, the neighbour didn’t get involved because Tatyana said she wanted to “calm him down” after they had been drinking.

Soon afterwards, it is alleged, Aidar died and Tatyana screamed, leading to the neighbour rushing back.

The neighbour called an ambulance but the husband was pronounced dead at the scene.

A later medical examination found that the man died from “asphyxia” – blocking the “respiratory system,” as his face was wedged into the mattress, with the woman sitting on his neck, “using her legs so he could not lift it”.

At a first trial, a murder charge was dropped and Tatyana was convicted of causing death by negligence.

She had no intention to kill him, the court heard.

She was sentenced to 18 months of corrective labour and ordered to pay around £2,000 in “moral damages”, Life reported.

But this week the Investigative Committee announced it is pressing for a new murder charge against the wife.


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